Dental Intraligamentary Syringe

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Durable Endodontic Instrument has been manufactured from medical-grade stainless steel. Oral Care Tool Design: intraligamentary syringe comes with 1.8ml anesthesia cartridge. Does not cause any fatigue on wrist or fingers. When trigger is pressed completely, one whole dose is released. The Intraligamental technique Facilitates treatments and Saves Time.Anesthesia is Profound and immediate and can be use for treatment of individual avoids Palatal injections and eliminates the risk of haematoma. Automatic limitation of the power of pressure.The needle is introduced into the gingival calculus along the mesial or distal surface tooth until the alveolar bone crest is contacted.We recommend to inject very slowly, approx.5-10 sec.per click with a non-excessive but constant pressure giving the analgesic solution the time to diffuse into the sponges bone.Contra-indications are for deep periodontal pockets and acute infections. 






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