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Welcome to RDM Dental, your one-stop destination for high-quality dental instruments. Our extensive range of products includes everything from dental handpieces to surgical instruments. This article will discuss our range of waxing instruments and how they can benefit your practice.

What Are Waxing Instruments?

Waxing is an essential part of dental practice, and having the right waxing instruments can make a significant difference in the quality of your work. Our waxing instruments are designed to provide superior precision and control, making it easy to achieve your wax-ups desired shape and contour.

Our Waxing Instruments Collections

PK Thomas Dental Instrument

The PK Thomas Dental Instrument is a versatile tool that is perfect for use in various dental procedures. It features a double-ended design, with a flat blade on one end and a serrated blade on the other. This instrument is ideal for use in scaling and root planing procedures and for removing excess cement or composite material.

Lecron Wax Carver

The Lecron Wax Carver is an essential tool for waxing procedures. It features a double-ended design, with a sharp blade on one end and a spoon-shaped blade on the other. This instrument is perfect for carving and shaping wax, making it an essential tool for crown and bridge work, denture fabrication, and other dental procedures.

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