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Surgical chisels are dental instruments that are commonly used in dental surgeries. They are designed to cut and remove hard tissue, such as bones, and prepare the site for dental implant placement. Chisels come in different shapes and sizes, and are made from various materials, including stainless steel and titanium, to provide durability and reliability. The handle of the chisel is typically made from a lightweight material, such as plastic, for improved grip and control.

Surgical chisels are used in a variety of dental procedures, including implant placement, sinus lift, and bone grafting. They are commonly used to create an osteotomy, which is an opening in the bone to accommodate a dental implant. In a sinus lift procedure, a chisel is used to gently elevate the sinus membrane to create space for bone graft material. In bone grafting procedures, chisels are used to prepare the site and shape the bone to accept the graft.

Our Surgical Chisels

Our surgical chisels are made of hardened high carbon steel, and have a very sharp blade for precise cuts. They have a handle that is ergonomically designed for comfort and control. The handle is also durable, so you can use it for a long time without worrying about it breaking down on you or becoming damaged by the tools you use with it.

Our surgical chisels come in two different styles one-handed and two-handed. The one-handed version has a small handle that makes it easier to use when you need to get into tight spaces or work with smaller objects. The two-handed version has a larger handle that allows you to hold onto it more securely while still being able to move around comfortably.

If you’re looking for a quality set of surgical chisels that will last through years of use, we recommend these products!